Will The Brut attach to any skid steer?

It will attach to most brands that accept a universal quick attach plate.


How much weight will it lift?

The Brut can lift anywhere from one to seven hundred pound posts, however, the size of the skid steer will determine the stability for carrying larger posts.


If I have tracks on my skid steer, will The Brut work for me?

The Brut will work on all brands of track and tire machines.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards and check or money orders mailed to us at PO Box 124, Blanchard, ID 83804.


Where are you located?

The Brut warehouse is located in North Idaho in Blanchard.


How do you ship the grabbers to me?

All shipments originate out of Otis Orchards, Washington, via Old Dominion Freight Lines.


How long do shipments take?

Depending on the distance, usual truck time is three to five working days.


What is the maximum opening of The Brut Post Grabber?

Fourteen inches


Will a standard square post grabber hold a round pole?

We recommend getting the Round Claw Grabber if you are primarily working with round poles. Round Claw Grabbers are a custom order and take approximately four weeks to build specifically for you.


How much does the attachment weigh?

The attachment weighs 330 pounds, and two people can usually lift it by the handles welded onto each end.




The Brut Post Grabber   |  PO Box 124, Blanchard, ID 83804   |   208-217-0597 or 208-964-6666